Where can I find a Ramona best dentist?

When was the last time you saw your Ramona best dentist for a dental exam and cleaning? If it’s been more than six months, then you’re probably due! Even if your teeth feel just fine, the initial symptoms of dental disease often go unnoticed and if left unaddressed will lead to more serious consequences to your oral health and wellbeing.

Ramona best dentist

Dental plaque is the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque is a sticky film that continuously accumulates in the mouth and harbors bacteria that feeds on sugar. Even with a good at-home regimen of brushing and flossing, dental plaque can still accumulate in the crevices between the teeth and gums leading to periodontal disease and cavities. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults and can has even been linked to heart disease and other systemic conditions! If that’s not enough incentive, keep in mind that untreated dental decay or gum disease will worsen, frequently requiring more invasive and complex interventions to treat.  But by brushing, flossing and limiting your intake of sugary foods you’re taking an important step to prevent the buildup of plaque before it can harden and calcify, which is how plaque turns into tartar, which is more difficult to remove. By combining a comprehensive program of preventive care with engaging instruction in the best methods to maintain your smile on a daily basis, our Ramona best dentist, Dr. Grant Liske, can help you establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of oral health.

We have established ourselves as a Ramona best dentist by offering a comprehensive selection of advanced dental services and by helping our patients maintain healthy and beautiful smiles. For more information about our office and the many services we provide, or to schedule an appointment for care, give us a call today.

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